Why Your Garage Door Won't Close

Your garage door is one of the most important features in your home. It gives your property added curb appeal, which is extremely beneficial if you plan to sell your home in the future. Even more so, it is where you keep your car, belongings, and other stuff secure. However, if your garage door suddenly stops working or the garage door will not open, you know exactly how it is going to be. It is either you will be late for work or you just do not have access to the garage itself.

That is why it is important to perform periodic maintenance and repairs. Otherwise, you will be unable to anticipate the many problems that could affect your garage door. One of the many cases homeowners or business owners often face is a garage door that will not close. Before things worsen, it is imperative you understand the many reasons why the door just stops closing. In that case, they are listed below so make sure to keep them all in mind!

#1. Photo Cell Wiring

What you might have forgotten is the fact that your door’s garage door opener can be invaluable, especially if you are using Craftsman garage door opener or LiftMaster garage door opener. However, things can be different if the photo cells are not working accordingly. In most cases, the wiring behind these cells is just faulty and, thus, needs quick repair. Also, it could be that it is simply cut, which would mean a total replacement.

#2. Obstructions Are Present

Keep in mind that your garage door comes with sensors. And, sometimes, there are obstructions present, such as debris, dirt, or everyday clutter in your garage. Apparently, they can cause your garage door to suddenly stop working simply because that is how the opener works. The only thing you need to do here is find the obstruction and remove it. Remember, though, some obstructions can be dangerous to remove. So, as much as possible, call a professional to get the job done!

#3. Springs Are No Longer Tight or Broken

The high tension springs or garage door springs must be working accordingly. Otherwise, your garage door will not close. But since this is an important element in your garage door’s overall functionality, fixing them yourself can prove detrimental. So, your best course of action is to have a professional fix the issue. This can often lead to serious injury, especially if the person performing the fix is untrained.

#4. Cable is Broken or Pulley is Jammed

If the garage door cable is dangling or just tangled, this only means that the cable in your garage door is broken. You can even notice that the pulley seems to rubbing on the track. Or, if not, a 90 degree angle is present; meaning, it is just jammed. Regardless, always call an experienced professional since he has the tools and skills to resolve the issue.

#5. Track is Completely Out of Alignment

In some situations, the everyday work of trying to open and close your garage door can increase the chances of putting all rollers out of the alignment. This results to a door having issues closing. Pretty much like the aforementioned, you would want a professional who has performed this work before since he has the skills and tools to efficiently take care of the problem.

#6. Sensor Issues

Your garage door will always come with safety sensors to help you steer clear from an unfortunate accident. Apparently, these sensors are also expected to deteriorate over time, especially if they are not high quality. And since they are not in proper working condition, their ability to help the garage door work accordingly is affected.

#7. Disrupted Power Source

Sure, it can look really simple, but sometimes another member in the family might have turned off the power source. As such, your garage door opener is not working. All you have to do is double check and ensure all wire connections are working and plugged in.

#8. Broken Torsion Springs

Your garage door is able to move thanks to garage door cables and torsion springs, although they can also face issues later on and cause your garage door to stop working. As a matter of fact, a broken garage door spring is the go-to culprit people have and, thus, a garage repair professional needs to be there to fix the issue. As always, do not attempt to replace these on your own.

#9. Remote Control Malfunction

Another issue that can cause your garage door to stop working is a malfunctioning garage remote control. Let’s say you have a Chamberlain garage door opener. While it is a top-notch, it will not work if the remote is malfunctioning. Yes, that is right – it can lead to a faulty garage door. Just simply make sure the batteries are working. And if they need replacing, just go use a new set.

#10. Other Issues

If you have gone through the above-mentioned causes and your garage door is still not closing, it could be due to a more severe issue. This is where you will really need to call a garage door repair company. Again, do not attempt to resolve the issue yourself.