5 Tips How to Secure Your Garage Door

According to Nationwide Insurance statistics, in the US an intruder breaks into a garage every 2.5 minutes which is 576 times each day. Garages not only house expensive items such as cars, boats, sporting equipment and tools but are also an attractive entry to burglars looking for a quick grab and go job or for an easy, oftentimes less risky and more isolated access into a house. By taking the security of your garage seriously you can present a challenge to would-be-thieves which will make them less likely to succeed. To keep your family and property safe here are a few tips for keeping your garage secure.

Keep The Garage Door Closed…Always!

Never leave your garage door open. This common sense step seems very obvious but many times homeowners forget to close the garage door or do not realize how inviting an open garage door can be to burglars. Sometimes criminals drive around neighborhoods checking out homes, specifically looking for ones with open garage doors. Even when you are home make sure to keep the garage door shut and when you close the door be sure to double check that it goes down all the way and stays closed.

Secure The Remotes

Although making sure your remotes are out of sight or taking them with you when you leave your car may not be convenient, it is an important step toward ensuring the security of your garage and your home as well. You may want to consider purchasing mini keychain remotes to match the type of garage door opener that you have. If you choose to leave the remotes in your car do not clip them to your visor or leave them in a visible location. Even when you leave your car parked away from home there are thieves that will steal garage door openers out of a car and also locate the home address information in the glove box or elsewhere in the car. The bottom line is to treat your remotes, which are the keys to your garage, like you would any other important keys.

Let There Be Light

Criminals do not want to be seen. They prefer to operate in the dark. Bright lighting makes many of them nervous. If the exterior of your home and garage is well-lit, they will most likely choose another target. A low-cost motion activated flood light above the outside of the garage door and at all other entry points into the garage can deter almost any potential burglar. Motion activated lighting is not only cost-effective but also attracts attention when it goes on. To add an extra layer of security you may want to consider adding motion detecting lighting inside the garage as well.


Windows are a great source of natural light in an otherwise dimly lit garage, but they also offer thieves a way to check out what may be worth stealing inside your garage. You can easily and inexpensively cover the windows with a frosting spray or adhesive film which still allows light to get in. Basically, the less visibility a potential thief has into the garage the better!


Garage door security locks are a very important way to protect your garage and your home from theft and invasion. You should take the same precautions with your garage door that you do with the front door and all other exterior doors to your home.

Listed below are several different types of garage door locks that you may want to consider:

The garage door slide lock is the best option for many homeowners. It is reasonably priced and easy to use. It works by aligning the track of the door with a handle that locks it. This type of lock is especially good when homeowners are away from home for a few days or an extended period of time. You can also add a padlock to an outside slide lock for extra security if needed. It is a good idea to unplug the opener while you are away so as not to damage the door or opener by pressing the remote automatically upon returning home.

Other options include installing a garage door lock bar or garage door lock rod to the door. This sturdy lock is riveted to a lock disc.

The T-Handle lock, which requires installation of an opener on the outside of the garage, opens only manually with a key.

In addition to adding protection to the garage door itself, it is just as important to make sure that any door in the garage that opens into the house and any side doors are solidly constructed and kept locked. They should be as secure as your front door.


A neglected garage door is generally more easily compromised than one that is well maintained. Check regularly for cracks, rusting bolts or hinges and gaps in the weather stripping. Cold and snowy weather can wear down portions of a garage door and weakened mechanical components and corrosion can make it easier for thieves to break in. You may want to call a garage door professional for an annual inspection.

Your garage door is an essential part of your home’s curb appeal. It is also an essential part of your home’s security. All of the security systems and safety precautions you put in place to protect your home can be fruitless if you overlook your garage. If your garage door is not as secure as you would like, our technicians at Annapolis Best Garage Door Repair can provide you with a variety of services including garage door slide lock installation. We want homeowners to be aware of the danger involved in having an unprotected- or under-protected garage door and assist you with improving the security of your garage.