Top 10 Garage Trends to Look Out For In 2020

Garage door renovations are important to keep up with recent trends. First, you must select what you have in mind for the renovation. Then you must contact professionals like us to help remove, install, or update your garage doors to your desires.

The trends for garage doors in 2020 are certainly more modern than in past years. With a focus on modernist designs, garage doors are more eco-friendly than before while maintaining class among them. The following are the top 10 garage trends to keep an eye out for.

#1 Appealing & Eye-Catching

The first on the list is all about appealing designs. An ugly garage door can bring the value of your home down, but an immediate eye-catching design can raise it. Visitors should be immediately drawn into your garage door, and by association, your garage.

Modern garage doors are all about good looks. Sleek designs while maintaining an eco-friendly vibe, the trend of a good looking garage door isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Innovative designs are also certain to impress your friends and family if they come over to visit.

#2 Energy Efficiency

The second garage door trend on the list is all about energy efficiency. As part of the green revolution, you can feel good about doing your part for the environment’s health. Not only that, but energy-efficient garage doors have many benefits over their less efficient counterparts.

  1. Common Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Garage Door
  2. Keeps Your Garage Cool in the Summer
  3. Keeps Your Garage Warm in the Winter

Understandably, you may need assistance in energy-efficient garage door installation, so that’s where we come in. With professional servicemen skilled in installation and repairs, we can help your garage door become more ‘green’ and with the times, while providing the numerous benefits an energy-efficient garage door can have.

#3 Colorful Garage Doors

The third trend on our list is colorful designs. Colorful designs often correlate with good looking designs, but it’s not mutually exclusive. A good design can be colorless, so why not try and aim for a colorful good design? Carriage garage doors come in many colors and look good too!

Bold colors can play a large part in the visual appeal of your home. In comparison to your neighbors, you need something that stands out. Which colors are in-style can vary depending on the time of year, but some colors like red and green are becoming popular as of late.

#4 Smart Doors

Fourth on this list is about smart doors. Smart doors are the new garage door people are investing in within 2020. New technology offers new convenience, so opening and closing garage doors have never been easier! Smart doors often come with apps to streamline the process.

#5 Glass Garage Designs

Fifth on the list is utilizing glass designs for your garage. Glass garage doors are stylish and bring a look of sophistication about you. Like with other garage doors, we can help install and repair your glass garage doors if required.

Glass garage doors allow natural light into your garage, saving you electricity (less need for light after all) and brings about a different aura within your garage. There are modifications to the glass design, such as full glass or garage door windows added to the garage.

#6 Curbscaping

The sixth trend to discuss is about curbscaping. Modern curbscaping is about making your garage stand out, often tied to good colors and eye-catching designs. It’s similar to landscaping, where you can add frames for plants and add different materials like bricks and glass.

#7 Modern Materials

At number seven on the list, is modern materials being used in the garage door as opposed to older styles. Older styles like wooden garage doors can work, but new materials like fiberglass are more efficient and cost-effective while being lightweight.

#8 Old-Fashioned Garage Doors

Number eight is surprisingly old-fashioned garage doors. Classic steel and wood can work if the design of the garage door is taking up after old, timeless looks. If a garage door looked fabulous back in the day, it can still look great today!

Suppliers like Amarr Garage Doors or Clopay Garage Doors can help provide old-school designs while we can help install and repair any type of garage door you choose. Professional services for professional customers, follow the trends of 2020 to improve your home the way you want to.

#9 Custom Designs on Your Garage Door

Ninth is all about custom designs. A custom design that allows everybody to know that it’s your garage. Individuality plays a large part in forming the identity of your home, so the discussion of what kind of custom designs can be incorporated is a very lengthy discussion.

#10 A Bigger Garage Door

Finally, the final trend is simply about size. In this instance, a bigger garage door can allow more vehicles through while giving your home a bold impression to others. This is especially great for families and roommates as it gives off the impression of a tight-knight household.

Bigger garage doors are also great for your home value, so this trend makes it more useful than just being another trend to follow. A bigger garage door can also be combined with other trends like adding a custom design to it or making the colors stand out.

Why should I renovate my garage door?

Renovating your garage door is a must-have for anybody serious about the reputation of their home. Better garages offer better values on the market, and all the same your visitors like it more if it looks good. Most garages these days have electric garage doors.

However, there is more to a modernist’s approach than just electric garage doors. These days, you can utilize wifi and apps to open and close your garage doors. Sometimes the reason to renovate your garage door is for pure convenience and simplicity.

Another reason to improve the state of your garage door is to improve the state of your garage overall. An energy-efficient garage door keeps your garage well-insulated regardless of the climate outside. You shouldn’t have to freeze in your garage during the winter.

Just having an insulated garage isn’t just beneficial for you, but for your electronics as well. If you have a car in your garage, the car battery can last longer just by virtue of the temperature in the room being less extreme.

That’s not even getting to if you repurpose your garage for another type of room, like a games room. Energy conservation-friendly garage doors can make your gaming experience a whole lot more enjoyable for both you and your friends and family.

A simple reason like pride can be good enough for you to improve your garage. If you see your neighbor with the coolest looking garage door side-by-side with your standard, uninspiring garage door, needless to say, it can be demotivating.

Maybe you have a boring color like white and want to stand out more. A bright color like green can stand out, or perhaps a dark bolder color is better. With many factors to consider, the appearance of your home can be improved drastically with a better garage door.

Fortunately, our repairmen can help install whatever modifications you want on your garage doors. A simple job like a new paint of color or a more complicated process like completely removing and installing a new garage door is our specialty!

The trends of 2020 for your garage doors are a great guideline to have to start improving the value of your home to both the market and your loved ones. The appearance of your garage says a lot about the person who owns it, so take action and seek improvement!

2020 Residential Garage Door Trends in Maryland

The trends of 2020 overall are the same trends that people in Maryland should follow. Staying hip and trendy is surprisingly easy, so if you find one that can complement your home to the fullest extent, allow us to help install it for you.

  1. Trends of 2020 Garage Doors
  2. Appealing Appearance
  3. Energy-Efficient Garage Doors
  4. Bold and Bright Colors
  5. Smart Doors
  6. Glass Designs
  7. Curbscaping
  8. Modern Materials
  9. Old-Fashion
  10. Custom Designs
  11. Big Garage Doors

Naturally, you can also be a trendsetter and expand or create the latest trends in Maryland. Of course, you still need professionals to help you install the garage door or apply modifications. Whatever the case may be, improving your home is a great way to express your worth.

Having the best home on the block is one thing, but a top-tier garage door can help get you one step closer. Even as simple as improving the value of your home by 4% is nothing to sneeze at, so see what you can apply to your own home.

We can gladly help you with whatever specific or general questions you have about garage doors, whether it’s about trends or just energy efficiency. Professionals can get the job done the right way so your home can become the right home for you.