Garage Door Rollers allow your garage door to move freely. If you want to ensure the reliability of your garage door, you need to consider a little bit of regular maintenance year after year. There are some cases when noisy garage doors are caused by worn rollers and they need lubrication. When it comes to replacing your garage door rollers, give us a call or book your garage door service online! We at Annapolis Best Garage Door Repair take pride in our high quality garage door products and in the work of our experts.

When To Call A Professional In Garage Door Opener Replacement?

Considering that all things are equal, it is important that you hire a professional to perform garage door opener replacement or maintenance. If it is the latter, you can start by having the rollers lubricated, which is something that you can do at least twice a year. Just keep in mind that despite regular lubrication and maintenance, there is still the need for a garage door opener replacement. In fact, this is something that you must do every seven years or so. However, if you notice signs that your garage door rollers are having issues, it is imperative that immediately contact one of our garage door roller experts at Champions Garage Door Repair. Such signs are as follows:

  • There is an unusually loud sound when your door either goes up or down
  • Your garage door tends to “jump the track.”
  • The door will sometimes stick or stutter when it is on its way up or down
  • There are obvious visual damages on the rollers
  • How Does Garage Door Opener Replacement And Maintenance Work?

Annapolis Best Garage Door Repair is an experienced garage door repair company in Annapolis, Maryland. At the time we schedule, expect our technicians to show up to perform a garage door roller inspection and maintenance. The work involves a couple of processes, but it usually starts by lifting the door and securing it in place. By doing so, we reduce the risk of increasing pressure to spring tension. From there, the opener is unplugged and separated from the roller and hinges. All of these are done to ensure a smooth full inspection.

What Is A Garage Door Roller And Why You Need To Maintain It

Whenever a garage door opener is activated, the operator automatically utilizes torsion springs in order to pull the door up into the garage. The door sliding up is made possible by the rollers mounted on it. Subsequently, they slide along your garage door’s tracks until the latter fully retracts. The process here is reversed when the garage door closes.

Either way, if the rollers do not receive proper maintenance and servicing, it will be broken easily. For instance, they are not properly lubricated. Chances are, they will not roll efficiently along the garage door tracks. Eventually, you will experience problems after problems with the entire operation of the door.

Why You Need A Professional In Garage Door Opener

A garage door roller can either be steel or nylon wheels. Regardless, it is specifically designed to smoothly roll along the tracks. If you notice that your garage door seems loud whenever it is opened or closed, it is possible that your steel rollers have problems. This is where you would need the help of a professional garage door opener replacement. The technician can easily fix the problem by replacing them with nylon wheels.

Much like any other moving part of your garage door system, daily usage will eventually result in your rollers wearing down and causing them to lose proper lubrication. Ultimately, this will result in the garage door experiencing a compromised operation. It would tend to stutter and jerk. It is also possible for the door to move too slowly or, worse, it will stop working. Mind you, any of these issues can be a real headache. That is why you need to fix the problem immediately, as you will also be compromising the very safety of your property and family.

Your Go-To Garage Door Roller Replacement And Maintenance Company

If your garage door rollers are either without proper lubrication or maintenance, the door itself will have a hard time opening and closing smoothly. What is even worse is that it will not open or close at all. Do not wait for this thing to happen, especially if you are the type who uses your garage door very often.

Fortunately for you, Annapolis Best Garage Door Repair stands ready to be your garage door roller inspection company. Over the years, we have become one of the most trusted names in providing garage door roller replacement and repair in the area. You can always be confident knowing that the people providing maintenance and repair service are professional and top-notch.

Our technicians are not only highly skilled in performing maintenance and repairs. They are also very familiar with all inner workings of any garage door opener type. Whatever maintenance or repair needs you require, expect the overall job to be first-rate always.