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Bowie, located in Prince Georges County, is the third largest city by area in Maryland. Ranked 28th on the Best Places to Live list by CNN Money in 2014, this 18-square mile city has something good for everyone. Through the years, the scenic land from historic farms and tobacco plantations has been incorporated into Bowie, and over 1,100 acres of this has been set aside for parks, trails, and recreational sports use for the community to enjoy. Bowie is also home to many historical landmarks, museums, and libraries as well as good, local restaurants with many different cuisines to sample.

Belair Estate

The city of Bowie has its beginnings intertwined with that of the Belair Estate. In 1745, the governor of Maryland, Samuel Ogle, commissioned a large brick mansion for his family to be built on 1,410 acres of Belair Estate. Belair became known for its beautifully manicured estate, complete with a greenhouse, grape vineyard, deer park, pear orchard, terraced garden, and most importantly, Belair Stable. This world-renowned stud farm boasted famous Thoroughbreds such as the mare Selima, known as the fastest horse on turf in Maryland and Virginia in 1750. Today, the stable has been turned into Belair Stable Museum, and is dedicated as a tribute to the 200-year history of Belair’s Thoroughbred breeding and horse racing. The Belair Mansion itself has been painstakingly restored and is now a museum open free to the public. The house reflects its use as a residence for the past 250 years, and features silver, artwork, prints of Belair’s Thoroughbreds, and handcrafted furniture by Maryland artisans prized by the families that lived there.

Prince George’s County Genealogical Library

If you have roots in Bowie, or at least in Maryland proper, and are interested in finding out a bit more about your genealogical family tree, be sure to visit this one-of-a-kind library! The 5,500-volume collection (along with family Bibles, micro-films, and historical documents) is offered free to the public. Alternatively, you can access their website a, and browse online.

National Capital Radio and Television Museum

Housed in a refurbished storekeeper’s 1906 home, this museum offers a look back at the past 100 years or so of technology in the history of radio and television. Founded by a like-minded group of hobbyists who collected antique radios, they offer curated exhibits of the earliest wireless telegraph to the iconic Cathedral radios of the Depression era all the way up to today’s modern television. The museum also features radio and television programs that can be played so guests can view or hear them firsthand played through vintage receivers.

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