Annapolis Best Garage Door Repair is your local garage door expert for homeowners in Parole, MD and in the surrounding areas. Family-owned and operated, we offer reliable, professional service at a reasonable price with quick-turn-around. We believe in making garage door repairs simple and hassle-free for homeowners, and strive for superior customer service. Our skilled technicians specialize in garage door repairs, tune-ups, panel replacements, and new garage door installations. Our pros are available seven days a week, ready to assist when needed.

A smoothly functioning garage door is essential in keeping your family and property safe, and we encourage regular tune-ups and maintenance to keep it in working order. A door that won’t shut properly is not only open to bad weather, but also thieves and rodents as well. A noisy garage door that that squeals and shrieks is not only hard on the eardrums, but could signal the beginnings of a problem that will stop the door in its tracks. A heavy door that is having trouble opening can be dangerous if it falls, since most single garage doors weigh close to 130 lbs. Please make sure to keep pets, people, and cars away from it until a qualified professional technician is able make repairs.

Our experienced techs come fully prepared to fix most any garage door issues on the first visit. They keep springs, openers, sensors, tracks, cables, rollers, and specialized tools at the ready in their trucks. They can assess the situation and solve your garage door problem in no time, with none of the hassles and expense of trying to fix it yourself.

In addition, should you be in the market for a new garage door, our techs can help with that as well. New garage doors offer curb appeal and can increase your home’s market value substantially. Annapolis Best Garage Doors offers a variety of colors, styles, and options that make it easy to find a door that will not only suit your needs, but will be the talk of the neighborhood as well. Our beautiful and distinctive garage doors are durable, affordable, and are easily maintained for years of reliable service.

We here at Annapolis Best Garage Door proudly serve the neighborhood of Parole and the surrounding areas. If you are either a homeowner or business owner and require any type of garage door repair or replacement, know that we are here to help!

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